The “New Era” began in Rheinau in 1997, when Staatskellerei Zürich became a subsidiary of Mövenpick Schweiz AG. We have grown continuously ever since, and today stand among the largest wine producers in German-speaking Switzerland. However, the Cellar's outstanding quality and innovative spirit are far more important to us than size and production figures. Staatskellerei Zürich delivers new and exciting wines time and time again.

We want to create beautiful, authentic wines for today’s wine lovers. That is why we have consistently relied upon environmentally-friendly viticulture, low yields, and the latest winemaking technology. We now cultivate, nurture and maintain a diverse range of nearly 20 different wines and specialities in our over 400-year-old monastery cellar in Rheinau. For those who value innovative wines from this region, for those who appreciate tasting wines full of character and with a rich history.