Experience wine history in the Rheinau monastery cellar

Our monastery cellar was built in 1585–1588 under Abbot Theobald Werlin von Greiffenberg to allow for frost-proof, central cellaring of the wines from the monastery’s own vines and for “liquid tithing” – a Church tax paid in the form of wine. The cellar and the building above it were extended for the first time circa 1600. The building took on its current form in 1744, when new a right-angled wing expanded the cellar down to the Little Rhine.

We are proud of our rich history – in fact, some of the old oak barrels from the monastery days are still in use today.

Year after year, many visitors make a pilgrimage to Rheinau to hear the exciting stories about the former monastery wine cellar during a guided cellar tour – and to enjoy extraordinary wines.